AccountEdge Pro

The QuickBooks Alternative...

The QuickBooks Alternative

AccountEdge is a great QuickBooks alternative for any small to medium size business looking for desktop accounting software. AccountEdge Pro offers full-featured accounting software starting at $15/month.

AccountEdge’s command centers help you run and report on all aspects of your business: sales and invoicing, purchases, payroll, inventory, time billing, and more.

And while we’re committed to desktop software, we recognize there may be times you need to perform key accounting functions remotely. That’s where our optional cloud app, AccountEdge Connect can help.

Try AccountEdge for free and get up and running in no time.

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What We Do

Everything you expect from accounting software…

Sales and Purchases

Keep track of your income and expenses. Create new sales for your items and services. Create purchase orders and manage payments.

Run Payroll

Pay your employees based on an hourly or salary rate, easily manage wages, accruals, deductions, expenses, and taxes.

Track Inventory

Track inventory counts and locations, keep track of selling details, selling units of measure, and manage customizable price levels and quantity breaks per item.

Bill for Time

Enter an activity slip or timesheet to keep track of your time and services. Easily convert un-billed activity slips and timesheets to an invoice or statement.

Manage Contacts

Track your customer’s contact information, including up to five addresses, emails, phone numbers, and other details.

Run Reports

Monitor your business with over 200 built-in reports or create your own custom report, easily save custom reports to re-use when needed.

...Plus High-End Features You May Not Expect.


Calculate salesperson commissions, choose a fixed amount, percentage or custom rate per item or service.


Track serial numbers for inventory items from purchase through sale including warranty tracking and reporting.


Use departments to track the accounting for different areas within your business with powerful reporting.

UPS® Shipping

Create shipments from a sales transaction or contact card with UPS Shipping Integration.

Job Tracking

Keep track of your progress on specific jobs, including all income and expenses, and see your job profitability.

Cost Comparison

AccountEdge Pro vs QuickBooks Online Plus

5-Year Cost of Ownership

This pricing includes 5 years of software subscription, 5 years of payroll for 5 employees, and payroll forms.*

AccountEdge Pro


QuickBooks Online Plus


We thought we’d help with the pricing analysis for a typical AccountEdge Customer. Over the course of five years, the cost of operating AccountEdge could save you over $6,000 vs. QuickBooks Online Plus. Extra money for you to invest in your business, splurge on cool office furniture, or finally buy that fancy espresso machine you’ve been eyeing.

Switch From QuickBooks®

Free Trial

Download the 30-day free trial of AccountEdge and get started today.

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Accountant Copy

Get a free copy of AccountEdge for your accountant.

$100 Rebate**

Claim your $100 rebate for switching from QuickBooks.

Convert to AccountEdge

Many switchers choose to start their AccountEdge file from scratch, excited by the opportunity to move forward with a clean slate. But, if you wish to convert some of your QuickBooks data, there are options.

File Cabinet Method

Import account, item and contact data into AccountEdge from QuickBooks.

Pick your start date and that will be the day you say good-bye to QuickBooks and welcome AccountEdge into your business.

Conversion Guide

Conversion Service

If you need to convert more data (e.g., transaction history), the QuickBooks to AccountEdge Conversion Service may be right for you.

Conversion Services starting at $400.

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Try AccountEdge for free and get up and running in no time.

Try AccountEdge for Free
  • *Pricing comparison as of May 2022.
  • **$100 rebate is only available for customers on an AccountEdge subscription plan. The amount will be applied as a credit to their account.
  • AccountEdge Pro is $15/month. Payroll Tax Plan $15/month. Payroll Forms Service for Federal and State reporting $99/year.
  • QuickBooks Online Plus $80/month. Payroll Core is $45/month. Additional $4/employee per month for payroll processing. This plan includes the latest features, payroll tax filing, and direct deposit.