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Do you manufacture furniture, home audio equipment or fabricate metal? What’s the most satisfying part? Probably seeing your items being used all over the world helping to make it a better place. What’s probably not the best part? Dealing with all the paperwork in running the ‘business’ side, aka doing your accounting.

You know you have to do it, you dread it, fear it, even ignore it.  And that’s fine, unless you want to get paid, get a loan to buy new equipment, manage item bundles, track your job profitability, or see your financial statements.

Every transaction is an accounting event. Creating purchase orders for parts, buying new equipment, setting up job budgets, managing payroll, they all require you to record a transaction that affects your financial statements. With solid, professional manufacturing accounting software, you control your destiny and own your data.

AccountEdge offers full-featured manufacturing accounting software, on the Windows desktop. No monthly subscription required. You own your software and your critical financial data. We offer annual upgrades at a discounted price, but it’s always your choice if you want to upgrade. Compare our cost of ownership over time to that of our competitors, and you’ll see why we’re proud of helping you “spend hundreds not thousands.”

And while we’re committed to desktop software, we recognize there may be times you need to perform key accounting functions remotely. That’s where our optional cloud app, AccountEdge Connect can help.

Why Choose AccountEdge?

Full Inventory Management

Track inventory counts, item variations, locations, serial numbers, and warranties. Keep track of selling and purchasing details for both inventory and non-inventoried items. Track default price and cost, as well as buying and selling units of measure, and keep multiple customizable price levels and quantity breaks per item.

Auto Build Items

Easily create and manage auto-build items, tracking individual components that make a finished product. When you build an item made up of other items in your inventory, the component parts are deducted from your inventory count, while the finished product is added to your inventory.

Create Estimates and Invoices

Provide simple or detailed estimates to your customers that you can later convert to an invoice with a click of a button. Accept deposits towards an open invoice and accept multiple payments on a single invoice.

Sell Online with Shopify

Sell your items online with Shopify Web Store. Manage item details and quantities on hand in AccountEdge and sync with Shopify to enable online sales. Shopify transactions are synced to AccountEdge with a click of a button.

UPS® Shipping Integration

Create shipments from an AccountEdge sales transaction or contact card with UPS Shipping Integration. Use your negotiated rates, give estimates, send email notifications, track shipments, schedule a UPS pickup, and more.

Process Payroll

Pay your employees based on an hourly or salary rate, easily manage wages, accruals, deductions, expenses, and taxes. Process payroll and print paychecks while keeping track of all payroll information in a single location.

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