Matt McKee Photography – Boston, Massachusetts

Some people spend their lives searching for the elusive answer to the question: “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. Others find their passion at the age of 7, infuriating the rest of us in the process. Matt McKee credits his first Polaroid Zip camera, given to him so that he’d stop applying crayon to his parents’ walls, as the first source of inspiration.

“Eventually, I started to realize how people were influenced by images in ads and magazines. I wanted to create interesting photos that would have that impact and help my friends meet their business goals.”

Matt’s passion became his business, creating custom photography and illustrations for companies to help them market their products and services. The natural next step was to go into business for himself, not yet understanding the complete commitment required.

“I thought it would be great to set my own hours. Of course, I didn’t realize what a slave driver I am!”

Quick to point out that he’s a photographer, not an accountant, Matt’s decision for accounting software was driven by two things: his accountant’s recommendation and the ability to run his software on a Mac.

“My father brought home an Apple IIe in 1986 and I’ve been using Macs ever since. It was important to me that I could find a solution that allowed me to do everything from my Mac.”

AccountEdge and AccountEdge Mobile are now integral to Matt’s workflow. Beyond sales and expenses, he uses AccountEdge to track projects and profit margins, and Mobile allows him to remain productive when in the field. Most importantly, Matt’s accounting software needs to fit into his lifestyle.

“I love my job, working every day in new environments with creative people. AccountEdge enables me to keep moving and get the accounting right, while remaining focused on my business.”