Matsu Kaze Tea – Calgary, Alberta

First Spring Sencha-Shincha. Super Premium Houjicha. Gyokuro Powder.

Not just powerfully evocative names of artisanal Japanese teas; conjuring images and emotions and ceremony. Also the life blood of Michiko Ono, certified Tea Sommelier and entrepreneur.

Since launching Matsu Kaze Tea in 2011, first as a pop-up storefront, then as a successful online brand, Michiko has grown the business from a very simple, core idea: focus on authentic, quality products and experiences. Matsu Kaze sources their teas directly from the various growing regions in Japan, spending time and effort to visit each farm and taste the teas.

“We explore the flavors and varieties and speak to the farms and farmers who have cultivated tea for generations. Our passion is Japanese green tea, but our business is about building relationships; with tea farmers, with tea enthusiasts, with anyone interested in shared experience and learning.”

When selecting accounting software to fit her business needs, Michiko had two important requirements. First, and most important, with 25 years of Mac experience, she wanted an accounting app that worked natively on a Mac. Second, it was vital for her accounting software to tightly integrate with her web store.

“A good friend of ours who runs a coffee business highly recommended AccountEdge and we were excited that it was a Mac product that also integrates with Shopify. That was a major feature for us.”

By integrating AccountEdge with Shopify, Michiko is able to sync her webstore sales and customers to AccountEdge while maintaining an end-to-end inventory management solution.

“AccountEdge allows us to gain insights into our inventory, sales and marketing that will help us to not only control, but grow operations.”

To get the most out of the software, Michiko engaged local AccountEdge Certified Consultant Adam Berti.

“Adam’s helped tremendously in ensuring we appropriately aligned AccountEdge with our business workflow. His knowledge and support has been wonderful.”

Up next for Matsu Kaze? More growth.

“We definitely plan to grow our business and be open and flexible to opportunities. In a lot of ways, that’s what we were looking for in accounting software. An app that could grow with our needs, which is why AccountEdge is a great fit.”