Artistry In Motion – Van Nuys, California

Random question: on any given day, how many people are thinking about nothing but confetti? Specifically, in Van Nuys, California, how many people are just crazy enough to be daydreaming about colorful bits of paper raining from the sky?

Answer: 25.

Twenty five is the number of Artistry In Motion employees and Artistry In Motion does nothing but confetti. And, of course, confetti cannons because the confetti doesn’t launch itself.

When Roger Watchell and Richard Graves founded their company they saw an unmet need for a professional, production- oriented confetti company to serve the needs of the entertainment industry. Their sales philosophy? Focus on customer service and, above all else, make sure your customers are happy. The rest will take care of itself.

And Artistry In Motion has been running AccountEdge since day one.

“From Order Entry to Shipping to Purchasing to Inventory to Reporting. It’s easy to use and easy to teach others to use.”

And as their revenue has multiplied and their staff has grown, AccountEdge has grown with them.

“AccountEdge has been a stable, reliable part of our growth. We now have eleven AccountEdge users effectively running our business.”

The takeaways? Focusing on customers is a solid business strategy. Find a business management tool that can grow with you. Who would have thought that confetti was so complicated?