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Powerful and Full-featured

AccountEdge Pro is powerful, full-featured desktop software for small businesses of all sizes and industries, with features you’ll find in software costing thousands of dollars more.

AccountEdge doesn’t hide the double-entry accounting and maintains proper financial controls; all while ensuring ease of use for non-accountants.

While we will continue to build optional tools in the Cloud, that help employees collaborate in the accounting process, we are and will continue to be a desktop software company.

What we do

Everything you expect from accounting software

Sales and purchases

Keep everything balanced

Run payroll

Pay your employees

Track and build inventory

Real-time view

Bill for time

Manage employee time sheets

Manage contacts

Organize business connections

Run reports

See your business performance

Plus high-end features you may not expect


Create commission rate levels as a fixed percentage, fixed amount, or using a custom rate.


Track serial numbers from purchase through sale, and beyond with warranty tracking.


When allocating a line to departments, split the amount using a percentage instead of a precise dollar amount.


Keep track of inventory quantities held at multiple locations.


Spead income and expenses over multiple jobs from a single line of transaction.


Send your products, variations and images to Shopify with the AccountEdge Connector.

We are not Intuit

We are the underdog. We compete with mega-corporations that spend more on office supplies than we do on advertising.

Yes, we make great products. World-class products. But it’s understanding the importance of each and every employee and customer and our core values that will define our identity and shape our success.

"To be honest, it changed my life in a significant way. I feel much more in control." - James Gay

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Convert to AccountEdge

Many switchers choose to start their AccountEdge file from scratch, excited by the opportunity to move forward with a clean slate. But, if you wish to convert some of your QuickBooks data, there are options.

File Cabinet Method

Import account, item and contact data into AccountEdge from QuickBooks.

Pick your start date and that will be the day you say good-bye to QuickBooks and welcome AccountEdge into your business.

Conversion Guide

Conversion Service

If you need to convert more data (e.g., transaction history), the QuickBooks to AccountEdge Conversion Service may be right for you.

Conversion Services starting at $400.

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Try AccountEdge for free and get up and running in no time.

Try AccountEdge for Free