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AccountEdge is a powerful and affordable solution for your small business.

What's new in AccountEdge 2014?

AccountEdge Cloud lets you or your users add data to AccountEdge from wherever they are, without giving them access to your books. New integrations with apps let you easily get your Rerun and Shopify data into AccountEdge. Departmental accounting lets you further segment your books for better, more finite reporting. Product variations and job splitting give you more control over your inventory and job tracking. Jobs reporting is improved to let you report on jobs spanning fiscal years, as well as other changes.

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What is AccountEdge?

You know you need to do your accounting, and you want to do it right. AccountEdge’s double-entry system means your accountant will be happy when it’s time to go over your file (especially because we give them a free copy). AccountEdge’s command centers help you run and report on all aspects of your business: sales and invoicing, purchases and orders, payroll, inventory, time billing, and we’ve been developing since 1989. And while there’s a lot you can do right in the app, you can add credit cards, direct deposit, payroll forms, and many more apps and services.

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Accounting is hard, but we're here to help

Accounting can be difficult, but we’re here to help. Visit our support page to get free email support, get help with getting started, search our knowledge base, or browse our discussion forum.

Or call us, with the support being offered right from our offices in Rockaway, NJ. Finally, you can search for local help from one of our Certified Consultants, or spend some time researching in the support library.

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Add Ons for AccountEdge

Sign up for AccountEdge Cloud to manage sales, time, and more, from any device with an internet connection. Subscribe to Payroll Tax Service for payroll tax updates (and free upgrades to AccountEdge). Accept credit cards, sell online, add users, and more with AccountEdge add ons.

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