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support_knowledge_base The Basics
support_knowledge_base The Basics
support_knowledge_base The Basics
support_knowledge_base Set Up and Sync
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The Basics

The Basics

What is AccountEdge Connect?

AccountEdge Connect is our optional cloud add-on that allows users to perform key functions from any web-enabled device and sync back to AccountEdge Pro.

NOTE: AccountEdge Connect is a powerful collaboration tool enabling users to leverage desktop data from any web-enabled device. It is not a stand-alone product; it requires AccountEdge Pro on the desktop for use.


Enter Sales – Enter quotes, orders, and invoices, for item, service, time billing, professional and miscellaneous sales, and create credit memos. Apply jobs to line items, use default tax rates, and other sales details from AccountEdge. Add payments, or charge credit cards, to any accounts receivable transactions.

Customer Portal – Create a Customer Portal URL and customize the My Account Page for customers to view open sales, make payments, take credits, and update credit card details.

Billing Schedules – Create Billing Schedules for setting up recurring sales transactions with customized frequencies, set the Schedule Date and Start Date, and define variable or fixed item quantities per invoice. Charge Convenience fees (if allowed in your area).

Bulk Payments – Charge credit cards in bulk for recurring sales and other accounts receivable transactions.

Record Purchases and Bills – Track purchases by creating bills, orders, and quotes for item, service, professional, and miscellaneous transactions. Enter Bill Payments against existing outstanding payables.

Web Pay – Email your invoices with a Pay Now button so your customers can pay you online securely with a credit card.

Spend and Receive Money – Enter expenses, checks, credit card purchases, and cash spent. Apply jobs to each line of a transaction. Create Spend and Receive Money transactions, receive a payment and Pay Bills.

Track Billable Time – Enter Activity Slips and Time Sheets, track time worked on jobs with both billable and non-billable activity slips. Assign wage categories for employee payroll.

Contacts – Create and manage your lead, customer, vendor, and personal contacts. Sync new contacts and changes back and forth with AccountEdge Pro for seamless integration.

NOTE: For access to all the latest features available in AccountEdge Connect, be sure to use the latest version of AccountEdge Pro.

What Syncs?

On your initial sync, AccountEdge list information from the desktop will be sent to your AccountEdge Connect account. This will enable you to create transactions from any web-enabled device using data from your AccountEdge Company File. These Lists include all cards, items, tax codes, currencies, selling and buying details, jobs, activities, default payment methods, and more. With each subsequent sync, card and job changes are merged in both directions, and the latest quantities on hand for your items are synced to AccountEdge Connect. Open receivables are also synced.

All Sales and Purchases transactions created in AccountEdge Connect will sync to AccountEdge Pro.

Sales and Purchases created in AccountEdge Pro will sync with AccountEdge Connect, including line-item transaction detail for Web Pay sales.

Activity slips, and payments (receive money and spend money transactions) are not synced from AccountEdge Pro to AccountEdge Connect.

Set Up and Sync